Hello my blablagirls ! Before I start this article, I'm really sorry. I wanted to post this article two weeks ago and I don't know why maybe work but I didn't. So I hope you won't be angry against me ! Mea Culpa ! angel

OH MY GOD, my first article in English, ahhh, so great, I'm so happy !! I hope you're too ! Ok, so today I will talk about the new year's resolutions and how we can tip them because sometimes it's really difficult, don't you think ? I hope you'll love this article and I hope this article will help you to stick your good resolutions ! Let's go !

Your goals must be something you really want to do :

This is my first advice. Many times, people make resolutions they don't really want to make. Imagine you hate exercising but you want to be healthier so you say " I want to start exercice" but you're not motivate. Of course, when you do that, you can be sure you won't tip your good resolutions. So, make you some goals, you really want to do. If you do that, you will achieve yours goals ! Be motivate !


Your goals must be positive :

The second advice is this one. Your goals must be positive. For example, you want to eat heathlier, don't say you " I musn't eat junk food" but instead " I must eat heathlier". Maybe you think it's ridiculous, but I promise you that it's make a difference. You have not the feeling to private you but more to do a good thing for your body ! Remember : positivity will get you the results you want, instead of negativity !


Do what you must do in order to tip your good resolutions :

Many time, people don't give to them the way to tip their resolutions. They just wait a miracle ! But you know, without efforts, you never can do what you want. You must do everything to stick your good resolutions.


Do your resolutions with other persons :

Sometimes, when you're alone, tip your good resolutions is really hard, and I completely understand that ! So it's can be pretty cool to do that with an other person : your brother, your sister or a friend !  For exemple, you want to do more sport. If you do this goal with a friend, you can't say "No, I don't want to run today" because this friend will motivate you. And, honestly, it's funnier with someone else !


Focus on the process not the outcome :

Tip your good resolutions is sometimes hard, because you don't see the progress. Imagine you want to lose weight and you do sport since two months, but you don't lose weight. I can understand it's quite demotivating but try to think about the good things of this resolution : you do sport so you are more muscular and you are healthier ! Remeber focus on positivity and I promise you, results will happen !


Reward yourself :

This is my last advice : reward yourself. After all you've down, I think you can reward yourself. Ok, I take an example. Imagine, one of your goal was to study better. You studied during one hour, it seems really good. So after that, you can do something to relax you or something you love do like playing videos games, reading... Just do something for you and reward yourself. If you do that, I promise you it's easier to tip your goog resolutions !


This article is finish my blablagirls ! I hope you like reading it. You can do a small comments !  Say me if you love it and your advice to tip your good resolutions, I'm really curious !



Petit retour en français avant de clôturer cet article ! Je tenais à vous dire que je ne suis pas bilingue et que je ne parle pas parfaitement anglais, donc s'il y a des erreurs je m'en excuse ! Si parmi vous les blablagirls, vous avez repérer des fautes, n'hésitez pas à me le dire pour que je puis corriger ça et m'améliorer ! Pour toutes celles qui ne parlent pas anglais, le prochain article sera en français je vous rassure ! Je vous embrasse très fort ! ❤

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